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Fabulous first rehearsal for Songs Of The Light, Salisbury 2018 this week!

Over 100 singers from 5 local Wiltshire choirs came together in Downton Baptist Church to kick off rehearsals with artist Richard McLester. Huge thank you to Kate Edgar and her work in making this happen…

The Light Salisbury Choir Rehearsal

If you’d like to join one of Kate’s choirs and take part in this journey, do visit her website: www.kateedgarmusic.com and get in contact!

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On Tuesday 14th August artist Richard Mclester performed Songs of The Light at Greyfriars Community Centre, Ringwood. The performance was a preview of the concert coming to Salisbury Cathedral this Christmas.
Katie: “This performance really gripped me and inspired me. I really liked the videos and thought that the songs were written amazingly.” Eve: “Good to encourage people to talk about their hurt.” Sue: “Very professional and enjoyable. Will be amazing in the Cathedral!”
The whole performance was made possible thanks to the incredible amount of hard work from all of our volunteers and students. Morgan, a 15 year old student volunteering with us for his DofE, has written an article for us, about the performance:
Bringing a Light Into Our Lives ‘Light is all around us’ a common phrase known by many, but this vibrant performance by Conical Sphere Music gives a fresh insight into the true importance of peoples perception of the light amongst us. This new and innovative way of understanding what light means to different people, began as a community project run by Richard McLester, founder of Conical Sphere, and a variety of volunteers from Poole and Bournemouth. This musical eye opener delivers some truly inspiring stories and a sensational display projected onto three screens. A captivated audience of 48 people watched these projections of inspiring true stories from individuals about what the light means to them. These provoking displays were adjoined with live musical interludes throughout the evening, creating an exciting environment for all viewers of a variety of ages in an intimate setting. Throughout the evening people were offered promotional CDs of the performance music and wine, gifted to the project by their sponsors The Village Vine, a local independent wine merchant. The evening was most enjoyable for all people of any age and was seen by many as ‘something very new, very different, yet amazing’
A huge thank you to everyone who took part and came to the event. We really value your support!
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Student Innovation Shines A Light in Salisbury Join students Toby, Travers and Erween 7pm Thursday 7th June 2018 as they take you through their new innovation; a wireless projector control system for The Light – our art installation in Salisbury Cathedral. An informal and exciting Question and Answer session with a chance to discover the inner workings of the wireless projection system. The work has taken them through the realms of Raspberry Pi’s, robotics, soldering, programming, engineering, electronics, Agile project management and more! We’d love you to join us and quiz them on how they came up with the solution to a very simple problem… “I want to project from inside the globe.” Free refreshments, cool tech and an opportunity for networking. Space is limited so early booking essential. Entry by donation – all funds will be going towards supporting the work of Conical Sphere Music Community Interest Company and their community work with The Light in 2018. Free Refreshments Provided.
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About the Project This year, Toby, Travers & Erween have joined Artist Richard Mclester on our project The Light – an art installation & performance in Salisbury Cathedral. They’ve been given the task of bringing Richard’s ideas to life; specifically his vision of projecting film from the inside of our giant illuminated globe, that will hang inside the cathedral. We’re really proud of their efforts & would love to show you what they’ve achieved.
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Read more about their work
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The team has been working really hard over the last few months to build a Projection Module. The module will eventually be fitted inside the Globe and enable us to project film from the inside out – onto the Globe’s surface. Not only has the team had to overcome the problem of hanging the projectors securely inside the globe, they’ve also had to design a system that allows the projectors to move. This allows the projected film to be re-angled once the globe is suspended.
Once the globe is hanging, everything has to be remotely controlled – from video playback & powering the projectors on/off safely – to controlling the angle of projection. We can’t wait to see the finished result!
Come and find out more in a friendly Q & A

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