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Sponsorship forms the backbone of the majority of our projects. We are always looking to build new relationships and partnerships with patrons who share our passion for community and arts.

What Work Needs Support?

From community choirs to creative internships, workshops or grassroots community development work, all of our projects are only possible because of our work with volunteers in local communities.

Community Choir for Songs Of The Light Romsey Abbey

Our open approach to volunteer work means that we have a strong track record of involving people of all ages and backgrounds in projects.

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Working In The Community

The vision behind our work is striving to push artistic boundaries while at the same time enabling local community members and volunteers to play an active role in our projects.

We believe passionately that by working together, we can create something greater than if we worked as individuals.

With this in mind, you will find our work underpinned by volunteers who we encourage to get involved. We also seek to find new opportunities where individuals of all ages and abilities can gain experience in media, technology and creative arts.

Creating Opportunities

The short film below includes footage from The Light, Romsey. The vast majority of those involved both on the technical and performance side were volunteers.

Training & Mentoring

From the stage performance to engineering construction, we develop transferrable skills and give people experiences they may not otherwise have had.

Filming Stars on Location
The Light Romsey Choir

Opportunities we have created have included mentoring individuals in music & film production, performance techniques, engineering & design, rigging & high access training, event planning & management and stage lighting & sound production.

Filming Stars on Location
The Light Romsey Choir
IPAF Training
Rope Training


Workshops are often run by professionals in their field, but workshops can also be run by people who have been mentored as part of previous projects. We always encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience gained as a result of our work.

Filming Stars on Location
The Light Romsey Choir
The aim of our workshops is to enable those who have an initial skill, passion or enthusiasm to be able to take a more active role in our projects. We are committed to providing safe learning environments where those taking part can experiment, learn and create.
Filming Stars on Location
The Light Romsey Choir

Empowering Film

Using film and new media is a great way for us to involve a broad section of our community in our projects. It can allow an individual to tell their story or for us to highlight an issue in the local community and then link that in with a performance.

Filming Stars on Location
The Light Romsey Choir

We recognise that not everyone can engage with art and music in the same way. Some people may not wish to perform in front of other people, while others may not be able to for a variety of reasons. It may simply be that they cannot be present for a performance on a set day.

Filming Stars on Location
The Light Romsey Choir

Creating film is a hugely valuable part of our work as not only does it broaden our community engagement, but it also allows us to create legacies of projects to be kept and viewed into the future.

Community Choirs

We often work with large mixed-ability cross-community choirs. For some projects, this has meant creating a choir from scratch. For others, we've worked with existing choirs and singers.

Community Choir The Light 2015
The Light Romsey Choir

Choirs provide a fantastic way to get people of all ages actively engaged in art. Singers get to share in being part of a team and working towards a common goal. In turn this can develop self-confidence & self-awareness. Above all, singing in a choir has been highlighted by the NHS as being one of the most beneficial ways to support issues surrounding Mental Health.

Community Choir recording The Lowly Candle Flame
Sam Hanson choir rehearsal for The Light 2015

Images above ↑ Community Choir put together by Conical Sphere Music for The Light 2015. | Combined Choirs in Romsey Abbey, The Light 2017 | Recording The Lowly Candle Flame with choral singers from St Peter's Parkstone & Bournemouth | Sam Hanson conducting a rehearsal for The Light project. All images have been taken as part of Conical Sphere Music CIC Projects

Company Objects & Ethos

Promoting Local Talent

We always aim to promote, support and uphold local talent through high quality media and music production. In particular we support both young and elderly people, and especially those who may otherwise not have the opportunity to work within the creative industry. Conical Sphere Music CIC aims include;
Delivering high quality media projects, including but not limited to music, film, performances and artistic installations.
Delivering high quality events related to media, including but not limited to concerts,drama productions and film premieres.
Providing mentoring, support and nurture for people, who may not otherwise have access to these opportunities, looking for experience and encouragement within the field of media and music production.
Providing local artists with expert business advice and support.
A commitment to using local artists, suppliers and locations.
An emphasis on self-sustaining artistic projects.

Community Empowerment

By using a combination of access to knowledge & talent, we aim to improve awareness of how new media can empower and encourage self-belief within local communities. Conical Sphere Music CIC aims include;
Developing and delivering events and programmes including creative workshops, seminars, talks and visits.
Creating opportunities for local disadvantaged young people to attend workshops run by professionals.
Making knowledge accessible to people who may not otherwise have the chance to participate in media and music productions.
Providing education on how new media can be used to raise awareness of community issues on a local level.
A commitment to intergenerational work.
A commitment to generating links between communities of different backgrounds, ethnic origins and denominations.

Can We Work Together?

If you have a similar ethos to ours, we’d love to hear from you. We’ll be happy to arrange for one of our team to talk to you more about how we can work together.