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Songs Of The Light

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Songs Of The Light

Songs Of The LightSongs Of The Light was written to be performed as the launch of the art installation The Light. The songs follow the journey of the mythical figure Sulac as he goes in search of the light.

As part of the art installation The Light, Richard conducted a large number of filmed interviews exploring the concepts of Darkness and Light. The conversations that happened formed the basis for the many of the themes in these songs.

The songs have been deliberately left open to interpretation as the listener is invited to imagine or put their own story to the journey.

The tale begins with an Abkhazian Folk Song called Warada [Track 1]. A Chance We’ve Got To Take [Track 2] is a song of naive hope, before The Fall [Track 3]. Lux Aeterna [Track 4] is a choral piece usually associated with a requiem mass, before the songs attempt to make sense of the new path that Sulac must take. Stars (Lead Me On) [Track 7] explores the idea of unknown horizons, The Lowly Candle Flame [Track 10] explores the theme of remembrance and Escape From The Flood [Track 11] opens the door to a new beginning.

The tracks were all produced, mixed & mastered together by Richard McLester with support from Dave Taylor for Conical Sphere Music. CD design produced by Conical Sphere Media.

The Story

The Light is a 4 metre illuminated globe designed and built by Richard McLester. The globe forms a focal point for a larger community project which involves a series of filmed interviews with members of the local community. The installation is launched by a performance of Songs Of The Light for which a large community choir is put together, joining Richard in performing Songs Of The Light. The interviews are projected onto the globe as part of the performance. In November 2015, the installation was hung in Poole Dolphin Shopping Centre. To view the full film of the performance, watch the youtube video. NOT FOR PROFIT The vision behind the project is to give new opportunities through experience for people of all backgrounds. From young interns who get the chance to work on a project using technology that might be otherwise unavailable or unaffordable, to volunteers who get the opportunity to push personal boundaries and benefit from highlighting issues within local communities. The purpose of Songs Of The Light is to support this project and allow us to continue offering workshops, rehearsals and provide professional support for those who work alongside the project. All profits from CD sales will go directly into making this happen.

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Album Artwork

Track Listing

1. Warada (4:10) 2. A Chance We’ve Got To Take (5:35) 3. The Fall (2:59) 4. The End Of The Time Before (5:02) 5. Lux Aeterna (3:25) 6. Guide Me Home (6:20) 7. Stars (Lead Me On) (3:33) 8. Interlude (1:45) 9. Do We Dare (4:43) 10. The Lowly Candle Flame (6:51) 11. Escape From The Flood (4:43)

Total Running Time: 49 minutes 06 seconds.

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About The Artist

Richard McLester Artist & Composer

richard-mclesterRichard is a multi-instrumentalist, artist and composer. His music is often written to accompany visuals and large statement art installations. These have included THE LIGHT, an illuminated 4 metre globe which has been installed in Poole Dolphin Shopping Centre and Romsey Abbey. Other projects have included a giant hanging double Advent Wreath, an illuminated star. Songs Of The Light was performed as the soundtrack to the launch of The Light in Poole Dolphin Shopping Centre 2015 & Romsey Abbey 2017.

Live Events

Richard is available to perform Songs Of The Light live or as a speaker drawing on his experiences of responsibility for The Light. If this is something you would like to take advantage of, please use the contact form below to provide more details. Please bear in mind that in certain instances, an artist fee will be applicable which is why we ask you to provide a short description of your event. If in doubt, please ask!


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