The Light – Salisbury

The Light is coming to Salisbury!

In November 2018, The Light will be installed in the North Transept of Salisbury Cathedral.

Alongside the installation, we’ll be having 2 immersive performances of Songs Of The Light – a journey through the cathedral to go in search of The Light on Wednesday 5th December 2018.

To make the event as spectacular and inclusive as possible local choirs and singers will join artist Richard McLester for the performance.

What Is ‘The Light’?

The Light is a giant illuminated globe that will hang in the North Transept of Salisbury Cathedral between the end of November 2018 until approximately January 2019.

For Salisbury the installation will depict the Star Of Bethlehem, focusing on the themes of Journeys, Darkness to Light and Mental Health in the overarching context of Memories.

To see a short introduction to the project, watch the Youtube video below…

Join Us For Journey Of The Light!

Join us on Wednesday 5th December 2018 as we go in search of The Light through the cathedral…

Where community meets art, Journey Of The Light will be two immersive performances combining music from Songs Of The Light with moving film projections from Stories Of The Light.

Each performance will last approx. 1 hour and has been put together specifically for the location in Salisbury. Starting at the West End of the Cathedral, we’ll end underneath the globe in the North Transept.

The Music

Songs Of The Light has been written especially to help explore the themes of the installation in more detail. The globe forms an integral part of the performance as both artist, audience and choirs journey to go in search of The Light.

Written to be as accessible as possible, some of the music such as “Stars (Lead Me On)“, “A Chance We’ve Got To Take” & “Guide Me Home” takes the form of contemporary pop songs perfect for community choirs. Singers can choose to sing either the melody, or a harmony part which might be more suitable for their vocal range.

Pieces such as “Kyrie” and “Lux Aeterna” have been written to provide more challenging choral pieces for four part harmony choirs. “Escape From The Flood” forms the finale aimed at providing an uplifting end to the event.

Listen on Youtube

To hear some of the official published tracks, watch on Youtube via the links below…

Choirs – Are you singing for The Light?

Stories Of The Light

Since 2015, Richard McLester has been talking and filming various members of local communities where The Light has travelled to. Discussing the themes of darkness to light, journey and mental health, we’ve been able to piece together some very moving stories that have helped inform the project.

Watch on Youtube

To hear some of the published Stories Of The Light, watch on Youtube via the links below…

The Journey so far…

The Light was premiered in 2015 in Poole Dolphin Shopping Centre. In February 2017, the globe travelled to Romsey Abbey.

From the art installation, music, film, to the performance and technology, the whole project is put together by students & volunteers from our community in Poole, Dorset & working in partnership with the communities the project has gone to. As a not-for-profit community interest company, we provide a professional infrastructure for those volunteers to work under.

This enables our volunteers and provides a safe space for them to work, giving them access to opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have had.

To see some of the photos from previous projects, click on the thumbnails below…


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