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On 4th February 2017, over 250 singers from Romsey joined Richard McLester to perform Songs Of The Light under THE LIGHT, a giant illuminated art installation.

The full film contains the journey of The Light as well as behind the scenes footage. The interviews with the local community in Romsey taken at the end of 2016 will also be included.

The film also highlights issues surrounding Mental Health, one of the main themes of the project in Romsey.

The full film will be released for free onto YouTube. We hope it will allow those who took part the chance to relive the performance, and discover more about how the project came to be.

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Two great photos from Songs Of The Light, Romsey Abbey. In total, over 250 singers joined Richard McLester in performing on the evening to a full Abbey audience.

Songs Of The Light Romsey

Songs Of The Light Romsey

Photographs taken by Ken Gibson – Romsey Abbey

More Photos from Songs Of The Light

Photos taken by Arthur McLester

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Songs Of The LightRichard McLester releases a new CD, called Songs Of The Light. The songs, written to be performed as the launch of the art installation The Light, follow the journey of a mythical figure Sulac as he goes in search of the light. It’s a journey of discovery, exploration, sadness & loss but also one of hope.

The cd booklet contains all of the words to the music, as well as photos from the launch of The Light in Poole, Dorset.

All of the music has been written and recorded by Richard McLester. St Peter’s Parkstone Parish Choir & Treble Soloist Zach Bullock appear on the track The Lowly Candle Flame. The CD also includes songs such as Stars (Lead Me On) and Escape From The Flood.

NOT FOR PROFIT. All money raised from CD Sales will go directly back into the ongoing project “The Light” to help put on future community events, and fund workshops & mentoring sessions for those who get involved.

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The Light is coming to Romsey in February 2017!

Artist Richard McLester gives a sneak preview what you might expect, and explores some of the issues surrounding Mental Health that the project is highlighting.

THE LIGHT Live Performance, Poole.

Songs Of The Light will next be performed Live in Romsey Abbey; Saturday 4th February 2017.
TICKETS: Click here for Eventbrite…
FACEBOOK: Click here for Facebook…
MORE INFO: Click here for more information…

Charities Mentioned in the Video:
TRIANGULATE – Working Towards Mentally Healthy Workplaces…

Meeting every Monday 3-5pm, Cafe Nero, Romsey
More information here…

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romsey-school-logo-with-children As a result of being involved with The Light, The Romsey School have organised “Darkness To Light” Mental Health Week 14th – 18th November.

Pupils will be focusing on Mental Health in PSHE lessons and in the morning assemblies.

At the end of the week, Conical Sphere Music will be in school to film interviews with pupils – providing opportunities to share issues raised during the week.

The results will form part of the projections on the globe shown during the launch ceremony for The Light on 4th February 2017.

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In 2015, artist Richard McLester and a small team designed and built The Light. The art installation, which is a 4 metre diameter globe of light hung in Poole Dolphin Shopping Centre 10 weeks over the 2015 Christmas period.

THE LIGHT Live Performance, Poole.

On 26th November 2015, the installation was launched with a concert showcase of Songs Of The Light – led by Richard McLester ( performing with a community choir that was put together especially for the event.

During the event, a series of interviews with local community members was projected onto the globe.

The full film includes footage from the concert, interviews that were projected out onto The Light as well as footage from The Lowly Candle Flame, which features Lumin-Essence, the double hanging Christmas Wreath which had been designed by Richard McLester the year previously. This footage features choristers from St Peter’s Parkstone Parish Choir and musicians from i>Wessex Youth Orchestra.

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BBC Songs Of Praise Poole PassionMusic written and produced by Richard McLester for The Poole Passion will feature on BBC Songs Of Praise on Easter Sunday 27th March 2016.

A credit to Conical Sphere Group (which is made up of Conical Sphere Media Ltd and Conical Sphere Music CIC) appeared on the BBC website in connection with the broadcast.

The music is taken from The Road To Golgotha, the 50 minute soundtrack to The Passion of Christ produced by Richard McLester in 2014. The music features a cross-section of genres, from contemporary pop music to choral and classical, as well as the original Aramaic language from the time of Christ.

For 2016, Director of Music for The Poole Passion Richard McLester was joined by June Boyce-Tillman MBE and two interns from Winchester University.

The Road To Golgotha _ THUMN >> Discover more about The Road To Golgotha by clicking here… – homepage of the musician, artist and composer Richard McLester. Richard is known for large scale art installations and performances, from giant start sculptures and advent wreaths, to an impressive hanging globe of light. Find out more…



bbc-south-today-logoJo Kent & BBC South Today News broadcast “live” from St Peter’s Church, Parkstone with artist, composer & musical director Richard McLester and Rector Father Michael Camp.

The artistic installation, titled Lumin-Essence is a giant advent wreath (measuring 4 metres in diameter) evoking memories of the fallen during the world wars.

Designed by Richard McLester specifically for Christmas 2014 (and the centenary of the First World War), presenter Jo Kent delves deeper into the story behind the artwork and community.

The project has been proudly sponsored by Coleman Insurance Brokers & Lumin-Essence Candle & Gifts Shop.